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What Do Stayer Ambassadors Do?

•  Support STAY by repping our gear!

•  Live what STAY represents!

•  Share your experiences of creating positive change!

•  Participate in monthly STAY DAYS on your personal IG account!

•  Stay in touch with the Stayer Ambassador Community and STAY Team through Instagram and emails!




•  16 years or older

•  Promote STAY and promote positive change through social media

•  Follow @staywear on Instagram

•  Commit to being an ambassador for 4 months

•  A personal, public or private IG profile

•  A smart phone

•  Love the STAY brand!



•  Inside access to new launches and behind the scenes

•  Discounts for you and for your connections

•  Features on STAY WEAR social media

•  Exclusive access to our Private Instagram

•  Access to the STAY Team 

•  Participate in creating Stayer exclusive swag

•  Join our community and make new friends!



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Stayer Ambassador Reviews


"This brand has given me so many reasons to be a positive change, and to keep going no matter how tough life gets." - Amanda H.


"I honestly loved being apart of it. I’ve never been part of a group like that before. I met people who are still to this day some of my closest friends. I honestly didn’t know what was going to come out of it when I joined, I can gladly say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today or where I am in my life without it. It kick started a lot of things for me that I am so grateful for. The main reason why I joined is because the meaning behind the whole thing fell very deep into my heart. Being gay, growing up was very hard for me. I honestly didn’t truly accept myself until the year that I did join stay. Stay did have a part in my being able to love who I am and not be ashamed of it." - Jordan L.


"I’ve had some serious struggles over the past couple years, and knowing how terrible dark and alone those moments may feel, I never wish that upon another soul. I want the people of this world to know that they’re not alone, that they can do this, and they’re so much more than they themselves can see." - Chamy H.


"I have multiple friends that suffer from various mental illnesses, and I do as well. This gives me a platform to share messages, and let my friends find a community that is all welcoming. This family has also helped me with my mental health through rough times, and it’s the one place I’ve never felt judged or like I wasn’t welcomed. I want everyone to know about this 'safe space' of a brand, and the family that represents it, as I believe it could be the one thing someone needs to save themselves, as this family did for me and so many other stayers. Also, the messages are all different and not all focused on mental health but on being your most authentic self, which I find extremely hard to do in today’s society. And I love that we can all express ourselves creatively with a ton of support from other ambassadors." - Hannah H.


"I absolutely LOVE representing such a positive brand!! I love getting asked what my shirt means, and developing wonderful conversations and meeting great new people!" - Sammie E.


Stayer Ambassador FAQs

What's a Stayer?
A Stayer is anyone that believes in the message of STAY, which is to stay true to ones self and create positive change.


What's the difference between a Stayer and a Stayer Ambassador?
A Stayer can be anyone, but only those who have gone through the Stayer Ambassador application process and have been accepted are a Stayer Ambassador. Ambassadors have additional perks, network with other ambassadors, and work closely with us in sharing the STAY message.


How do I become a Stayer Ambassador?
You need to apply! We open up our ambassador program every 3-4 months (Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer). You must also need to meet the requirements outlined above.


When will I hear if I am accepted?
We respond to every application by the date shared in the application. If you still have not received an email, check your junk mail, spam, and search for any "" emails. If you have still not received your response, please contact us HERE.
Do you give free product to Stayer Ambassadors?
We do not send ambassadors free products to begin with. Since we are a brand based on donating to charity, we need to have charitable donations to give. This is why we cannot simply give everyone free product. However, there are ways ambassadors can earn free product.


Do I need to own stuff from Stay Wear to be a Stayer Ambassador?
We highly encourage that you do, even if it's just a shirt. It's how we can continue to support the Stayer Ambassador program and spread the message of STAY throughout the world. It is also encouraged to rep your stuff during your monthly posts!


How much of a time commitment is being an ambassador?
Honestly, not much! For some it may be 10 minutes a week, an hour, or 3-4 hours!


How old do you need to be to be a Stayer Ambassador?
Ambassadors must be 16 years or older (at the time of applying).


Do you need to have a certain amount of followers on social media to be accepted as a Stayer Ambassador?
Nope! What we are looking for is those who are passionate about our message and committed to sharing the message of STAY during the term of their season.


Can you be an ambassador multiple times?
Of course! You can continue on the following season so long as you are posting monthly and continuing to follow our ambassador code of conduct.


Do I need to be in Utah to be a Stayer Ambassador?
Not at all! Our ambassadors are located all over the world! Since we are based in Utah, many of our ambassadors are located here, but we want to grow the brand and spread the message everywhere!



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