What is STAY WEAR?

June 28, 2015 3 min read 2 Comments

What is STAY WEAR?

Welcome to STAY WEAR.

STAY is the product of my personality and experiences of wanting a brand that was different. I wanted something that would be unique. STAY is like a living organism. I dreamed of STAY to be a skater brand, and that is how it started. Then it added the concept idea of where people STAY. It's great to see who people are and accept differences with appreciation and respect. Recently it has also connected to #ICHOOSETOSTAY, which really has touched me in a way where I can see that this brand can be much more than just another clothing brand.

"So why name it STAY WEAR?," "What does STAY even mean?” — I get questions like that asked all the time. My whole life I’ve always wanted to start a clothing brand, but never really knew the steps to start my own business. A few of my old High School friends could tell you all the funny names of clothing companies I wanted to make. When I served an LDS Mission, I had opportunities to show my creative side by making shirts for certain areas I served in. After returning home I was asked by previous acquaintances from the mission about whether I would pursue my dream and start a brand. Lacking the knowledge and funds for such a project, I would respond back saying “someday.” Then a special thing came into my life, well a certain someone that is. Sadly, this special someone lived in England, which was far away for a boy who grew up in Idaho. Our visits to each other were brief, and I always wanted her to stay when she came to visit.

STAY is a command, a hopeful desire, and my passion.

Symbolism is something I’ve always been intrigued with because of how I was raised. While thinking up many different brands, I designed a symbol that many thought looked like an “S.” It is finally time for me to share what the logo of STAY stands for because the logo symbolizes the direction and movement STAY will continue to go.

Let’s start off with a few number symbolisms, which relates specifically to parts of the logo (shown in the picture above). Each number reflects the numbers of corners in the design:

  • The number 4 represents the world. The square in the middle of the logo represents the world — “4 corners of the earth.” 
  • The number 7 is known to be a number that is related to heaven because it is said to be complete or whole. This makes the number 6 being incomplete or imperfect because it is 1 short of 7. If you look closely at the brackets around the world, each one contains 6 corners. As humans, each of us is imperfect. At the same time, because we are imperfect, humans are unique
  • The number 12 is found by adding both brackets together which compliments and completes the design. The number 12 represents power and authority.

Combining all these meanings and symbolisms creates the idea that as humans in this world we are imperfect, but together we have the power to change the world. This is the purpose of STAY WEAR. So help us change the world by being who you are, doing what you love, and being real.

So what’s the future for STAY? Guess you’re gonna have to “stay” to find out.


-Shane, CEO of STAY WEAR


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August 26, 2020

I love this company so much. I have the logo tattooed on my wrist and that was before I read this. I would love to be more involved in anyway, I would work for this company. I’ve gotten so many questions and compliments on my tattoo and your clothes. This is so important what you guys are doing. ❤️

Christopher Candy
Christopher Candy

June 18, 2018

After my cousin ended his life, due to a mental health Illness.i was so distrught, I had thoughts of joining him. The message of STAY to me, means staying around for the people who love and want you to be around you.

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