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About Us

Located in Provo, Utah, STAY WEAR is a lifestyle brand that focuses to inspire and motivate individuals to stay who they want to be; this brand is all about YOU

Often people pretend to be something they are not to fit in. Growing up in general can be hard and making decisions can be tough, but the most important decision is to stay you. Our goal as a brand is to help you stay true to who you are and who you want to be. Just like our motto states, "STAY UNIQUE • STAY REAL • STAY YOU."

We also focus on different causes that affect people (anti-bullying and suicide prevention) through giving back 10% of profits to charity. To learn more check out our causes collection



STAY WEAR (aka STAY) officially began in the summer of 2014. Since childhood, I dreamed of starting a clothing brand that was different, unique, and real with people. STAY started out as a skateboard clothing brand that focused on a clean image and simple designs. However, STAY would soon become more than just a skater brand.

In Spring of 2015, students from Lone Peak High School (Alpine, Utah) contacted me and asked if I would support them in their cause #ICHOOSETOSTAY, which focused on suicide prevention. I knew that I wanted STAY to have a charitable part of the company that would give back to others and by taking on the #ICHOOSETOSTAY campaign, STAY donates 10% of profits to a local charity that focuses on suicide prevention.

In fall of 2015, I wanted to focus on another cause that affected younger people that needed to be addressed. The focus started to lead to bullying because of similar correlations with #ICHOOSETOSTAY and because of personal experiences of being bullied. This lead to the creation of the STAY KIND collection. STAY KIND is focused on spreading kindness to combat bullying and 10% of profits from this collection of products are donated to a local charity that focuses on anti-bullying.

Currently, STAY plans on growing into new cultures, styles, and causes that are focused on individuals and help them be who they want to be and stay true to who they really are. Thank you for your support to STAY!

-Shane Ball [CEO & Founder]



The name STAY came when I first started dating my now wife Aimee. We first started to hang out back in February 2013, but we would only be able to see each other only for a few weeks at a time because she was living in England (I was living in Idaho and Utah going to school). During the times I wouldn’t see her, I made her cd mixes so that she could listen to them while we were apart. Some of these songs had a common word that kept on popping up - stay. This fit perfectly because I always wanted her to stay.

I began to research whether or not if a clothing company had the generic name of STAY and luckily enough for me there wasn’t. Thus the name STAY WEAR came to be in 2013, and products would follow a year later.