About Us

STAY WEAR (aka STAY) is a positive lifestyle brand on a mission to change how people view themselves and view others. Stay true to who you are, be who you wanna be, and help others do the same.

When purchasing an item you not only promote positivity by wearing it a portion of your purchase gets donated to one of our three charity partners.









Our logo is a reminder that together we can change the world. The diamond in the middle represents the world and the brackets surrounding it represent people. By working together we can make more of a difference than we can by ourselves.

The triangle in STAY represents the mathematical term “delta” which means “change.” We believe that change is something positive. Change to think more about who you are and who you want to become, to think more about others, to think more about making a difference.

The triangle also represents the three charity partners because of the triangle's three sides.

Size Chart
Our products are normally true to fit (i.e. if you're a medium, you will fit a medium). Products with different sizing will have additional detail in the product explanation.
If you have any specific questions about sizes don't hesitate to contact us!

UNISEX TEE SIZING - Unisex tees are true to fit for men, and a suggested one size down for women.

WRISTBAND SIZING - Wristbands come in 3 different sizes:
SMALL - Typically fits 6-10 years old. 6 6/8" in length
MEDIUM - This is our normal/standard size. Fits ages 11 and up. 7 3/8" in length
LARGE - For those with larger wrists. 8 3/8" in length