Stay Safe, Stay Caring, Stay Creative during the Storm

March 26, 2020 3 min read

Stay Safe, Stay Caring, Stay Creative during the Storm

A storm has hit the world in the form of COVID-19. It may have hit you physically with social distancing, not going to school, or not going to work. If it hasn’t hit you mentally already be prepared because it may still. Why does this storm affect us so differently compared to other things that happen in the world?



If you remember about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs there are basic needs to be met. These basic needs consist of food, water, shelter, and safety. Luckily this storm hasn’t caused power shortages or water issues, but this storm does cross the line of safety by attacking your health. By following the rules of social distancing you not only protect your safety and basic needs but you also help protect the safety of others.

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Once your basic needs are met you can then focus on the next level of needs: psychological needs. This includes caring for friends and family and feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great time to reach out to friends and family you haven’t talked to in a while and checking to make sure their basic needs are met. The methods in technology today are endless as well as drive bys and porch drop offs. We are fortunate to live in a time where we can connect instantly no matter the distance. Take advantage of it!

Some people’s basic needs are not met, which causes anxiety, fear, and panic. These negative emotions can affect everyone regardless of what needs they may have. While it may be easy to judge others who are not prepared for these situations it doesn’t help the current situation (and judging others doesn’t allow us to truly love others). Please recognize that there are others out there who are struggling, and if you have extra you can give, please do. Your kindness can make all the difference for someone’s basic and emotional needs.

Note: There are some that have lost a job as a consequence of this storm. If you are one of these families/individuals don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be honest as people are able to help and want to.

We have loved hearing about the good people are doing for each other to help or inspire one another. A photographer in a nearby neighborhood went around taking pictures of families on their porches as a momento for them, others drawing rainbows or other messages and placing them in their windows to lift their neighbor’s spirits, school teachers doing a drive by parade to wave to the children they are missing, people leaving supplies out for delivery workers, expressing gratitude to medical professionals, cleaners, and supermarket staff. There is always good out there. Do something to be part of the good in bringing connection and hope.



The final needs are self-fulfillment needs. This unique time in quarantine is a wonderful opportunity to better yourself and reach more of your potential. Not only can you improve your self care but it can take your mind off what you can’t control. Take this time to meditate, rest, self evaluate and do things you didn’t have the time for. There are so many services offering classes for free to learn new skills, exercise, read books, stream shows, cook, do home projects, clear out/clean, study, practice photography, art, spend quality with family or pets, enjoy nature (if allowed where you live), make new music playlists, try a new hairstyle (I’m considering shaving my head because well, why not), practice an instrument, paint your nails, take a candlelit bath, or do your first TikTok challenge. The options are limitless!


It is important to take care of yourself and your mental health because the effects of COVID-19 may last weeks or even months. Like all storms, this too will end. Remember to stay safe, stay caring, and stay creative today and always.

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