STAY x DVDDY Collaboration!

January 29, 2020 2 min read

STAY x DVDDY Collaboration!

Hey Stayer Fam!

We are excited to bring you our collaboration with our good friend DVDDY aka Brendon Nielson. DVDDY recently released his new single called We're Not Going Away (WNGA). We had an early preview of WNGA and totally fell in love with the song and the underlying meaning behind it.

Lucky enough for us, Brendon was game to collaborate with WNGA by having us as part of the music video by collaborating on a limited edition tee. Check out the music video here!

We also did a short interview with Brendon to get his deeper take on WNGA and his music.


Q: What is "We're Not Going Away" about? Why did you name the song “We’re Not Going Away?”

"My best music is always written about very specific feelings or experiences I’ve had. We’re Not Going Away was no exception. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and was thinking about how much my friends meant to me.

My friends are always there when I need them. There’s a line in the song that’s kind of buried in the drop that says “You got me here” and they really did. We tend to isolate ourselves and forget how many people would do anything to help us be happy. Friends, family, coworkers, people at school, past teachers, etc…"


Q: What do you hope people feel by listening to this song and other songs of yours?

"I remember going to this funeral of a 15-year-old kid who died by suicide. He ended his life because he felt that no one cared about him. However, at his funeral I’ve never seen a more packed building in my life. So many people showed up that there wasn’t room to fit everyone in the large event hall. People had to stand in the halls and out the doors to pay their respects and condolences. 

Since that day I’ve realized OUR perception of ourselves and how much we are truly loved is often severely skewed. I PROMISE you people care and IF BY SOME ASTRONOMICAL IMPROBABILITY you REALLY think no one’re wrong. Because I do.

I hope when people listen to WNGA they realize that. You’re not alone. You’re ALWAYS welcome in my family.

I want this to be a theme for my upcoming releases and forthcoming album. We all are experiencing awful things in this life, but you don’t need to shoulder it alone. Sometimes the songs will be happy. Sometimes they will be sad, but they are all made in an effort to connect with you and let you know that at least SOMEONE 1. - Cares and 2 - Understands."


You can stream We're Not Going Away on Spotify here and also follow @dvddymusic on Instagram.

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