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This year was...

This year was…unique. A lot of things have happened this year (good and bad) that have allowed me to reflect on iconic moments and memories in the past 366 days (don't forget 2016 was a leap year!).

This year was…unique. A lot of things have happened this year (good and bad) that have allowed me to reflect on iconic moments and memories in the past 366 days (don't forget 2016 was a leap year!).


In 2016, STAY had its first STAY KIND assembly in Mapleton, UT. We had a lot of fun with Foreign Figures by sharing messages of kindness and promoting our STAY KIND anti-bullying message with Stand for Kind.

STAY KIND Assembly


In 2016, STAY has reached additional locations through our retailers in Idaho and Utah. Check out our retailer page to see if a location is close to you.


In 2016, STAY gained its youngest member in October (my son).



In 2016, STAY reached its landmark goal. What was our goal? To grow 3 times (3x) in sales compared to last year. When did we accomplish it? We accomplished it on the evening of Dec 22 2016, just 9 days shy of us possibly missing our goal. Why do I share this about our landmark goal? I share it for 3 reasons:


1. Goals Stretch Us

      Goals help us achieve what we want to become. The goal of 3x was not actually the original goal at the start of the year - the goal was double growth. When we doubled in October I couldn’t really believe we made it!! At the beginning of the year the goal seemed to be very far away and almost unrealistic and when it happened you just feel like a champ.


      Hitting the goal in October was great, but it seemed like we still had some more room that we could grow, and that’s when I made a stretching goal for STAY to achieve 3x in one year. After more planning, hard work, late nights, support from friends and family, and some luck, we were able to achieve it! (reason #3 really explains the success of doubling and tripling in growth!).


      While we achieved this landmark goal, there was also a few other goals that we didn’t quite achieve. One of our goals was to have 5 different school assemblies by the end of the year and we were only able to achieve the 1. One of the reasons we didn’t do so well with this is because we didn’t plan how we would accomplish this. However, that didn’t stop us from feeling successful with 1 and we are excited for a new goal that we have made better plans to achieve. Make sure that your goals help you, not define you.


      2. More Opportunities, Products, & Events in 2017

        Because of the growth in 2016, STAY will be able to have more ambassadors. We regrettably weren’t able to take on all who applied to be an ambassador for the winter/spring season but we plan to have sign ups very soon for our Summer Ambassador 2017 team.


        STAY will have different products to release in 2017. While we don’t want to ruin future releases, lets just say we have some pretty sweet products that are coming your way as each season comes.


        We will also be at more pop-up shop events, finally have an instameet and a secret event in 2017! More details to follow as the time comes closer to these events.


        3. We Accomplished This Goal Together

        That’s right, we accomplished this goal together! STAY wouldn’t be where it is without the supporters or the believers of our movement and mission. I love it when I hear fans of the company tell me how this brand has inspired them or supported them during the lows of life.


        2016 is almost to a close, but with it 2017 is just about here and with that new goals and new ideas are forming. I hope that each of you set goals to achieve, plan how to achieve, and then go and achieve them in the 365 days ahead of you.


        STAY GOLD Stayers and Happy New Year!



        STAY WEAR (Founder & CEO)

        Picture of when the 3x goal was achieved


        P.s. Check out our new Winter Line Part II that has just released today to celebrate New Years!

        Motto Windbreaker - Cardinal/Gold

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